Meghan Marsac, PhD

Meghan Marsac, PhD, CHOP CIRP
Behavioral Researcher

Meghan Marsac, PhD is a pediatric psychologist and behavioral researcher. Dr. Marsac’s research focuses on promoting adjustment and preventing posttraumatic stress in ill and injured children and their parents. In particular, Dr. Marsac leads research to better understand coping and to promote positive coping in children and families facing medical events. In addition, she specializes in training medical teams in the implementation of trauma-informed medical care, serving as the Trauma-Informed Care Training Lead of the Violence Prevention Initiative at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

Dr. Marsac has served as a principal investigator for several projects examining how children and parents cope with stressful medical events (asthma, dental procedures, cancer, injury and trauma). She is currently leading a project (funded by a K23) to examine biological factors, coping, appraisals, and posttraumatic stress following pediatric injury. The goals of this new research are to advance the understanding of potential un-malleable screening variables (biological), as well as malleable factors (psychological, environmental) to target in PTSD preventive interventions. Additionally, Dr. Marsac and her research team are conducting several studies evaluating preventive programs for psychological symptoms in children with medical conditions (such as Coping Coach and Cellie Coping Kit).

Dr. Marsac earned her PhD in Psychology from the University of Toledo and is a licensed clinical psychologist. She can be contacted at